BWA Yachting Associate Partner JLT Yacht Agency, based in Venice, is in an optimum position to service vessels visiting that city as well as the entire Italian Adriatic from Trieste to Brindisi.

BWA Yachting is the only nationwide agency in Croatia dedicated to the super yacht industry and through the head office in Opatija, BWA is able to offer assistance in more than 25 ports and marinas. Approximately 34 miles south of Dubrovnik is the Montenegrin port of Kotor, with one of the best preserved medieval towns in the world, specifically in this part of the Mediterranean. The ports of Montenegro are frequently utilized for duty-free fuelling and turnaround operations for itineraries that include Greece to the south and Croatia and Venice to the north.

Greece is served by BWA Yachting Associate Partner A1 Yacht Trade Consortium which is headquartered in Athens and Rhodes and is the only super yacht agency in Greece with a well trained international staff and over 40 dedicated offices. Through the head office in Kusadasi, BWA can provide support along the entire Turkish coast which is one of the most historically and culturally rich areas of Asia Minor. For yachts cruising through the Red Sea, all formalities and agency services are carried out by the BWA Suez office.