July 22nd, 2016
Update on the current situation in Turkey
BWA Yachting, leading worldwide provider of marine agency services to superyacht owners and their crews, would like to inform about the current situation in Turkey.     

Ahmet Temurci, Deputy General Manager at the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, has made an announcement about the State of Emergency that is of interest to anyone cruising in Turkish waters: “The state of emergency situation declared in the whole country for three months from 21.07.2016 is a package of precautions that will be applied within the frame of constitutional law to increase the security precautions for the purpose of ensuring that the government will be able to fight against threat against the rights and freedoms of the citizens. The package of precautions in question does not include any provisions that would restrict the fundamental rights and freedoms. The security precautions to be applied shall, in any means, not affect the daily lives of Turkish citizens and the travels and holidays of the visitors travelling to our country and does not constitute any impediment against the international tourism processes and air traffic. There are no unfavourable conditions that would prevent our visitors to spend their holidays in safety in any of our destinations."  

Additionally, Cetin Gürcün, Secretary General at the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies comments: "We would like to hereby take the opportunity to express that, in light of the declarations by Republic of Turkey, Prime Minister H.E. Binali YILDIRIM, the security measures throughout Turkey and in major cities like Ankara and Istanbul have been raised to the highest level following recent unfortunate events throughout the country in order to ensure the safety of all civilians. Airports and all touristic facilities are fully functioning and the tourists in Turkey are happily continuing their vacations. In addition to that, yesterday a 3 months State of Emergency has been declared upon the decision taken by the Turkish Government. However, please rest assure that this State of Emergency, will not effect the daily life of the civilians, and international travellers. As we see many examples in many countries that this state will neither effect "the freedom of travel," nor limit our daily routine. Such turbulent events, examples of which we have unfortunately been witnessing more frequently than ever lately throughout the world, not only take innocent lives but also target to scare and thus thwart the global freedom of travel, for which the global travel industry is in dire need to firmly stand together and manifest to the world the utmost solidarity and fraternity to withstand any menace against the wellbeing of humanity, nations and the travel sector. We are extremely sure that through such difficult times for our nation and sector, we will not be deprived of your heartfelt support and solidarity. Once again we reiterate our cordial appreciation of your sensitivity on the matter and hope that the fruitful tourism relations between our countries will persevere."   

For any questions, please contact Ugur Kara and his team at BWA Yachting – Turkey (turkey@bwayachting.com).