June 2013
BWA Turkey: Updates on duty-free fuel and regulations for charter yachts
It has just been announced that all yachts, regardless of pleasure/commercial status will be able to take on duty-free fuel this year in Turkey.  The only condition is that upon completion of bunkering operations, the yacht must clear out of Turkish waters.

Furthermore, there are new regulations for yachts on charter in Turkey.  If guests embark outside of Turkey (Greece for example), and then come clear in to cruise in Turkey, then this is business as usual as far as clear-in procedures go.  On the other hand, if guests embark directly in Turkey, then the yacht is obliged to clear out of the country immediately, visit one port outside of Turkey (Rhodes for example), and then can come back in to Turkey with the one condition being that you must clear in to a port that is different from the one you cleared out of.

By “Immediately” we mean “as the yacht starts its navigation”. This means that the yacht is ok to sit in a marina (or even to anchor off a marina) for hours and/or potentially days after the guests’ embarkation, but the very moment the yacht starts sailing/cruising with the newly embarked guests onboard, it is required to clear out of Turkey and subsequently clear back in.  

EACH TIME that a commercial yacht clears in to Turkey, a fee of 30,00 USD per meter will be charged (this is calculated by Registered LOA x 30,00 USD).

The entire team at BWA Turkey, led by Managing Partner Ugur Kara is happy to assist with any clarification you may need. Contact Ugur at turkey@bwayachting.com