April 21, 2013
New Regulations for Clear-in Formalities in Montenegro
If you are planning any visits to Montenegro this summer, you should note that the Harbor Master has issued an order which changes the process for getting the vignette/cruising permit.

The owning or managing company of each yacht must now have issued a Letter of Appointment, or Power of Attorney, stating that the captain has full authority over the vessel and crew for which he is in command.  There is no specific text that needs to be in the letter per se, however the most important aspect of this document is that the Letter, or POA, has to be NOTARIZED.  Any notary will be accepted, but it is absolutely necessary to have it notarized. 

If the yacht shows up in Montenegro without this notarized document, BWA Montenegro led by Managing Partner, Jasna Kristic, canassist of course in getting this together, but it could be a time consuming process.  Everyone is much better off to just have this done before the arrival to eliminate any problematic issues or potential complications.

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