June 12th, 2017
Update on current charter regulations in Croatia
- All commercially registered NON EU flagged vessels must obtain a charter license and possess a valid importation document (DAU)

- All commercially registered vessels must be registered within e-Crew software through appointed agent (except commercially registered vessels whose charter starts in another EU country)

- The yacht owning company must obtain a Croatian VAT number and appoint a VAT representative if the charter starts in Croatia or in non-EU country and cruising within Croatian waters

- Although VAT in Croatia still won't be applied to charters that start in non-EU country and whose charter agreement was signed and paid before 01.05.2017., all such commercial vessels will be required to appoint a fiscal representative in Croatia in order to obtain VAT number

Please bear in mind that process of obtaining a charter license takes approximately 3 weeks, while VAT registration process takes up to 3-4 weeks.

For more information please contact BWA Yachting Croatia at croatia@bwayachting.com